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  2. Multivariate approximation theory : selected topics
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This book is a collection of eleven articles, written by leading experts and dealing with special topics in Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation. The material discussed here has far-reaching applications in many areas of Applied Mathematics, such as in Computer Aided Geometric Design, in Mathematical Modelling, in Signal and Image Processing and in Machine Learning, to mention a few. The book aims at giving a comprehensive information leading the reader from the fundamental notions and results of each field to the forefront of research.

It is an ideal and up-to-date introduction for graduate students specializing in these topics, and for researchers in universities and in industry. A collection of articles of highest scientific standard An excellent introduction and overview of recent topics from multivariate approximation A valuable source of references for specialists in the field A representation of the state-of-the-art in selected areas of multivariate approximation A rigorous mathematical introduction to special topics of interdisciplinary research.

Three Families of Nonlinear Subdivision Schemes. Parameterization for Curve Interpolation.

Topics in Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation - Google книги

Selected topics in approximation and computation Tractable Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence Approximation theory, wavelets and applications The uncertainty principle in harmonic analysis Topological and approximation methods of degree theory of set-valued maps Best approximation in spaces of bounded linear operators Theory of approximation of functions of a real variable Weighted approximation with varying weights Spaces of approximating functions with haar-like conditions Curves and surfaces in geometric design Wavelets, images, and surface fitting Ill-posed problems Advances in optimization and approximation Approximation procedures in nonlinear oscillation theory Korovin-type approximation theory and its applications Spaces of approximating functions with Haar-Like conditions Functional analysis, approximation theory and numerical analysis Approximation, probability and related fields Numerical approximation of partial differential equations Weighted approximation with varying weight Constructive approximation Approximation of periodic functions Approximation theorems of Wong-Zakai type for stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensions The best approximation and optimization in locally convex spaces M-ideals in Banach spaces and Banach algebras Methods of approximation theory in complex analysis and mathematical physics Moments in probability and approximation theory Approximation theory VII Error inequalities in polynomial interpolation and their applications L'approximation analytique Biorthogonality and its applications to numerical analysis Ordered cones and approximation Polynomial approximation of differential equations Approximation of Gaussian random elements and statistics Poisson approximation Theory of approximation Approximate solution methods in engineering mechanics Rational approximations and orthogonality Functional analysis and approximation theory in numerical analysis Order stars Progress in approximation theory Exact constants in approximation theory Analysis II Hausdorff approximations Entropy, compactness and the approximation of operators Multivariate approximation and interpolation Approximation problems in analysis and probability Multivariate approximation theory IV Approximation and function spaces Asymptotic approximations of integrals Approximation theory VI Optimal Algorithms On L p1 s-approximation The special functions and their approximations 1 Strong asymptotics for extremal polynomials Approximation and Optimization Deterministic and stochastic error bounds in numerical analysis Topics in multivariate approximation Rational approximation of real functions Lectures on complex approximation Approximation theory, Tampa Rational Approximation and its Applications in Mathematics and Physics Nonlinear approximation theory Approximate computation of expectations Approximation of functions Multivariate approximation theory Complex analysis, functional analysis, and approximation theory Bernstein polynomials Approximation theory V Approximation of continuously differentiable functions Approximation theory in tensor product spaces Analyse harmonique et approximation Analysis of approximation methods for differential and integral equations Approximation des fonctions Compositeur 2 Dominique Godin compositeur, Gilles Godin.

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  5. Multivariate approximation theory : selected topics.

Madison, Wis. Bernard Aupetit. Gerald Beer. Alain Bensoussan. Bruno Brosowski.

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  • Topics in Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation - Sklep Kamami.
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    Multivariate approximation theory : selected topics

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