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Danny then made a Crooked scales, looking for the 7 mana to increase his odds on the gamble. Hector began beating down with the drake Hatchling and few turns later backed him up with a Spiketail Drake.

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Danny Toppled the Spiketail and continued taking beats from the Hatchling, unable to draw any more land. Hector played a Devout witness hoping to deal with the Crooked scales, but Danny bet his wall of Vipers against it and won the coin flip. Hector continued the beats with the Hatchling, now having Danny at 13 life. He then cast Silkenfist order, and Crossbow Infantry.

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Danny Plagued the Crossbow infantry, and made Flowstone Armour, which he drew off the top of the deck. Hector stalled the ground for a few turns while continuing the Drake beats until Danny was at 5 life, having Orims Cured Danny's attempt to kill the drake Hatchling with Vicious Hunger and Plague Witch. Hector then made a defender en vec and attacked with the Hatchling, leaving Danny on 3 life. Hector cast his second devout witness which Danny killed with the Plague witch and the Flowstone armour, and then finally laid the seventh land..

Hector attacked again with the Drake and Danny responded betting his Agent of Shauku against it twice, losing the flip both times, taking the damage, leaving himself on 1.

HECTOR'S MAGIC CARPET - - Georgia - Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Hector then made a Rishadan Airship and a Lightbringer, now outnumbering Danny's creatures. In his new persona, Hector could only leave his "dream dimension" for one hour a day. He increasingly made use of this time to visit Lyta in her dreams, where he discovered that she had become pregnant with his child. This pattern continued for a long time before Hector was finally "caught" by his friend Al Rothstein, who had come to visit Lyta and propose to her. He told Lyta of his new role and asked her to marry him. She agreed, and the two of them departed for the dream dimension. The "Dream Dimension" was nothing more than a part of the Dreaming inside the mind of a young boy named Jed Walker which Brute and Glob had severed.

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Inside, Lyta slowly started to drift off, becoming less and less in touch with reality, and her pregnancy had completely halted for nearly two years. Hector became more and more obsessed with his role as the Sandman, and devolved from a serious superhero to one who fought nonsensical battles against weak villains. It was only a short time later that Morpheus escaped his captivity and set about putting the Dreaming back into order.

Eventually, his attention fell on Brute and Glob. Ending their schemes, Morpheus returned Hector to the realm of the dead, and laid claim to his yet-to-be-born son, Daniel , who was destined to become the next Lord of Dreams. Like his parents, Hector was in a reincarnation cycle. When he returned again several years later, he was chosen to adopt the vestments of Doctor Fate , a powerful sorcerer who had previously been a member of the Justice Society of America.

Since they were empowered by the Lords of Chaos and Order respectively, the new Doctor Fate was, like Jared Stevens before him, an agent of balance. While acting as Dr.

Hector's Magical Party Rentals

Fate with the Justice Society, there was still a piece missing in Hector Hall's life, his wife. He and the team had traveled inside the Amulet of Anubis to find her, where Mordru revealed she was alive, and he returned to the place where he was reborn. There he found his second mother to be comatose, but concluded that Mordru had put up a spell of deception and that this woman was in fact Lyta. Hector sought his aid in reviving his wife from her coma with the JSA, and while he left her with them, he traveled to Thanagar. He came to rescue Hawkgirl and also witnessed the resurrection of his father.

Hector was unsuccessful in his attempts to wake Lyta. He learned from what he believed to be Nabu, to travel to Gemworld, where he would uncover the secret behind Mordru's spell. It turned out that the Amulet had been created on Gemworld, and that Nabu had come from a world known as Cilia, with the Amulet being all that is left of the planet. Similarly, he learned that Mordru was in fact not a corporeal being, but a form of body-hopping magical energy. Hector left Gemworld with this new knowledge, and took with him the skull of Lord Wrynn, a man who had been consumed by Mordru.


Hector started to prepare for the ritual involving the skull, although Nabu disapproved, wanting Hector to study more. At one point, the JSA confronted the Injustice Society, and after the elder heroes had been teleported away, the Spectre revealed himself and told them that they would have to fight a demon called Legacy. When Hector met with Nabu, he was confronted with his 'destiny': he was fated to kill Hawkgirl, after which he would be killed by his own father. Hector did not accept this destiny and instead swore that he would form his own path and fate.

Hector and the rest of the JSA confronted Legacy who was revealed to be an old villain called Wizard, and they proceeded to beat him.

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Afterwards, Hector returned to his goal of freeing Lyta. When he had undone Mordru's spell, he found that Mordru had placed another spell, and that the woman was in fact Dawn Granger. Rejoining the JSA, he became aggressive to both protestors and his own teammates.

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  • Hawkman ordered him to remove his helmet and to their shock, Mordru had managed to replace Hector under the helm of Fate. Hector was now imprisoned in the cell he had created for Mordru in the Amulet. The Agents of Order that had come before helped him and it was revealed that Mordru had been disguised as Nabu the entire time and that he had taken over the body of Arion , a Lord of Order. He was brought to the house of the Nelsons, where he was told his wife was dead, which he still refused to accept. Hector gathered his strength and managed to return to reality to confront Mordru.

    After showing Mordru his future, a future of humiliation and failure, Hector imprisoned Mordru within the Rock of Eternity at the end of the universe. Hall had operated as Doctor Fate from Salem since then, with Nabu - again inhabiting the helm, but no longer controlling Fate - advising him. The Nelsons' souls still resided within the amulet, and they were occasionally able to contact the outside world including Kent once having encountered the s Starman. Hall's identity is known to a few who have figured it out, and in his secret identity , he socialized with some of the inhabitants of Salem, being on the whole more gregarious than his predecessors.